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(Facts from the Pre-commissioning Handbook)

The Ships Crest

... USS KIDD's crest summarizes, in graphic form, the history and tradition of both Rear Admiral Isaac C. Kidd and the first USS KIDD (DD-661). The coat of arms' dark blue shield alludes to the sea, and the naval officer's dress sword with point up reflects Rear Admiral Kidd's distinguished career. The sword also represents the fighting record of the previous KIDD, which recorded eight battle honors for her participation in the Pacific Theater of World War II and in the Korean War. The two stars signify these two wars and represent the Admiral's rank at the time of his death.

Ship's Crest

... The roaring Lion, symbolic of strength, courage, and leadership, alludes to the fighting spirit of the ship and her crew. The lion is wearing a light blue ribbon bearing an inverted gold silhouette of a star. The ribbon and star represent the Medal of Honor posthumously awarded The Admiral. Admiral Kidd was killed on the bridge of his flagship, USS ARIZONA, during the Pearl Harbor attack.

... The blue scroll beneath the shield bears the Kidd family motto, "NIL SINE MAGNO LABORE" (Nothing without great labor), to serve as a reminder that sucess requires the highest standards and the greates effort. The seal is surrounded by a continuous gold anchor chain.

... The coat of arms of the USS KIDD DDG-993 is filled with the rich United States Navy tradition of honorable service to country, and ids dedicated to the fighting spirit of Rear Admiral Kidd.

This site is maintained by Harry Kholer, Plankowner, USS KIDD DDG-993.

Here's to the Officers and Crew of the USS Kidd -
the best crew of the best ship there ever was !!

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