Submarine Division Forty-Two, First Endorsement

Serial: (013)
Care of Postmaster,
San Francisco, California,
March 29, 1942

From: The Commander Submarine Division FORTY-TWO
To: The Commander Submarines, Pacific Fleet
Subject: USS NARWHAL (SS167) - Report of Second War Patrol.

  1. Forwarded.

  2. The patrol is considered to have been carried out most efficiently. The manner in which all contacts were developed and attacks pushed home to a visibly successful conclusion, is considered particularly praiseworthy.

  3. The prevelent tendency of submarine commanding officers to spend an unnecessary large porportion of daylight hours submerged enroute to, while on, and while returning from patrol station is again noted in this instance. No aerial activity of any consequency by the enemy was evident, and the mere fact that it might be expected and that the submarine might be discovered is not considered sufficient cause for daylight submergence, particularly if periscope and sound observation reveals the lack of presence of the enemy.

  4. The expenditure of 4 torpedoes on a freighter of 5000 tons is considered excessive.

  5. The patrol report while well written, and conforming in general to the prescribed form is considered unnecessarily verbose. Comments and recommendations as well as logistic tabulations are contained in the narritive instead of the space provided elsewhere.

  6. The Division Commander was most favorably impressed with the visibly high state of moale existing on board upon the completion of the patrol, and with the exceptionally high standard of cleanliness of the ship and ship's company.

  7. It is recommended that the commanding officer be awarded the Navy Cross for his conduct of this patrol and that commendation by the Type commander be made for other officers and members of the crew.


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