Submarine Squadron Four, Comments

Serial: 095
Care of Fleet Post Office,
Pearl Harbor, T.H.
March 29, 1942.


From: The Commander Submarine Squadron FOUR
To: The Commander Submarines, Pacific Fleet

Subject: Comments on USS NARWHAL War Patrol.

  1. The patrol report of the NARWHAL is too much in detail. It shows the reasoning used by the Commanding Officer in arriving at his decisions rather than merelystating his decisions. The essentials are hidden in a long report.

  2. The squadron commander hesitates to criticise the Commanding Officer for too much running submerged during daylight. It is felt however that the run from Midway to Wake could have been made on the surface. Under certain circumstances it might even be advantageous to have the enemy know that a submarine is in an area especially if the submarine is clearing the area.

  3. It is unfortunate that bad weather prevented a successful attack on the Japanese carrier on March 9.

  4. In spite of rough weather the material condition of the NARWHAL was good throughout the patrol. For an old ship she speaks well for personnel concerned. Morale was also high.

  5. No further action is recommended in connection with the grounding alongside the dock at Midway. It was caused by an operating error on the part of the throttleman and the damage was slight if any.


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