USS Narwhal (SS167) Report of Third War Patrol

(Editors Note: There seems to have been some confusion as to war patrol numbering. Some paragraphing has been added to improve readability. I am not much of a typist so if you find typos PLEASE let me know, I truely want to correct them.
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Serial 011 - USS NARWHAL

PERIOD FROM: July 8, 1942 TO: August 26, 1942
OPERATION ORDER: Comsubpac No. 69-42 of July 7, 1942


July 8-13 Enroute Midway. Conducted traing dives and drills including night and day gun firing with 6" guns and machine guns. Planes sighted were all friendly and are listed in paragraph 6.
July 13 0556 Yoke - entered midway lagoon and moored alongside USS FULTON at the south side of Navy Pier. Received 29,015 gallons of diesel oil from Midway storage. Made minor repairs. FULTON gave every assistance requested and personnel of Squadron EIGHT and FULTON were most cooperative and eager to render every service we required.

1641 Yoke - Departed Midway. Air coverage was furnished.

July 13-22 Enroute to Yetorofu Island. Steamed on the surface at 2/3 speed ( 10 Knots ) on both main engines.

1940 Love July 18 - Fog set in. Ran continously thereafter in fog. Average visability 500-2000 yards.

2100 King July 21 - Destroyed all secret and confidential publications and matter that would be aid to enemy in case of disaster to this ship, except one code in crypto channel 108 with accompanying call signs and authenticators. The nature of the forthcoming operations is such that this ship will be operated in shallow waters where the enemy controls salvage operations.
July 22 1205 King - Made landfall by fathometer on 100 fathom curve, visability 500 yards.

1207 King - Fortunately the navigator succeeded in getting a LAN sight with bubble octant through the overhead mist. This line showed us to be off the coast of Uruppo To between Goran Zaki and Miro Saki. Passage into Okhotsk Sea through Yetorofu Kaikyo was successfully made by following the 100 fathom curve around the southwest end of Uruppu To.

2007 King - The fog cleared and Kamoi Dake and surrounding peaks on the northern tip of Yetorofu Jima sighted.

2034 King - Sighted one white light and smoke of a vessel running westward along the coast ( Contact No. 1 ).

During the night steamed in area of Kamoi Dake. The water was remarkable for its phosphoresence. The phosphorescent wakes of two fish swimming directly at the ship gave the watch a real scare. The OOD thought the ship was about to be torpedoed sure.



Subject: USS NARWHAL - Report of Fourth War Patrol

July 23 0337 King - Dived to conduct submerged reconnaissance of Bire Sentai. Headed directly for Shibetoro Byochi. Reconnoitered this inlet with good visability. Nothing present. Proceeded southwestward along coast at periscope depth with 15 minute periscope observations, about two miles off and just inside the 100 fathom curve. After passing Shibetoro Byochi the shore line was shrouded in mist and navigation had to be accomplished by fathometer but average visability was estimated at 4000 yards and it was believed that any ships anchored off the coast could have been seen.

1000 King - the fog closed in visibility was estimated at 1000 yards. Decision was made to continue the reconnaissance in the hope that visability would improve.

1330 King - Visability commenced to improve.

1415 King - ( position Latitude 45-18N, Longitude 148-12E ) It was clear all around except for high fog around the mountain peaks. An excellent view of the entire inner bay and shore line was obtained. Not a ship or sampan was in sight. There were no signs of any new construction or any beacons, markers or lights along the beach which would indicate the use of this bay for a fleet anchorage.

2035 King - Surfaced about 2.5 miles to eastward of the outer end of Chirippu Manto. What appeared to be native cooking fires were seen on the beach at two places.

2100 King - Fog set in thick. Proceeded on soundings to position off Shana Wan.

July 24 0357 King - Dived in the fog in estimated position 2.6 miles off Shana Won. Patrolled in this area awaiting clearing weather.

1035 King - Fog lifted and a good look at the Sana Wan area was obtained. No ships or sampans were present in the area.

1055 King - Fog settled down again with visability varying from 1 to 2 miles seaward and the line looked in dense fog. Ship proceeded submerged towards entrance of Rubotsu Wan.

1430 King - Ran out of the fog. The shore line of Rubotsu Wan and the village of Rubotsu were sighted. The bay was reconnoitered. No ships were present. Two small sampans were sighted moored close inshore.

1540 King - While in Rubotsu Wan sighted small interisland steamer entering bay from seaward ( Contact No. 2 ) Commenced approach.

1626 King - Fired one torpedo ( Attack No. 1 ). Missed astern. Speed estimated at 10 knots and target was probably actually 13.14 knots. Estimated position of torpedo at end of run is Latitude 45-09N, 147-39.4E. Made battle surface emergence and sank steamer with gunfire without opposition.

1703 King - Steamer Sank. Some shells from wild shots and ricochets may have fallen in the town of Rubotsu which was in the background in the line of fire at times. As no military objectives were observed, the town was not shelled.



Subject: USS NARWHAL - Report of Fourth War Patrol

. 1833 King - While engaged with above steamer, smoke from a second staemer hull down on the horizon was sighted ( Contact No. 3 ). After sinking first steamer pursued second steamer, overtook and sank her with gunfire without opposition ( Attack No. 2 ) in Latitude 45-04N, Longitude 147-24E.

After above engagement continued reconnaisance of coast of Yetorofu on the surface. Good visability continued and we were able to see the coast line clearly from Notoro Misaki to Poronotsu Bana. No ships were present and only houses and small settlements of native population were observed along the beach.

1950 King - Sighted Large sampan ( Contact No. 5 ).

2012 King - Attacked with machine guns ( Attack no. 3 ) Unable to set target on fire with machine guns. Manned one 6" gun and fired two rounds. Left Sampan burning Heavily.

2015 King - While engaged with first sampan, sighted second sampan about four miles to seaward ( Contact No. 6 ).

2045 King - Upon completion of attack on first sampan, proceeded to attack second sampan ( Attack No. 4). Again machine gun fire failed to set target on fire and two rounds of 6" were fired. The first 6" round in each case struck in bridge structure and started fierce fires.

Remained in vicinity until both targets were blazing throughout and their destruction by fire was assured.

Decision was made to continue reconnaisance of the coast as the night was clear and visability was good, moonlight through light overcast. Rounded Poronotsu Dana and cruised around Naibo Wan about 1.5-2 miles off shore. This bay was empty of ships and sampans and no lights or fires were seen along the beach.

Continued southward past Moyokeski Wan. Did not enter as the coast pilot states that this bay is not suitable for anchorages.

Looked into Tannemoyo Wan which was also empty of ships.

Proceeded through Kunashiri Suido on the surface.

July 25 0155 King - When half way through the strait fog again set in. At dawn dived in the fog and proceeded to reconnoiter the cove at the southeast end of Yetorofu. Could not see on account of fog but nothing was heard in the area.



Subject: USS NARWHAL - Report of Fourth War Patrol

. 1810 King - It did not seem worthwhile to spend more time here waiting for the fog to clear so upon surfacing proceeded northeastward along the 100 fathom curve to a position off Hitokappu Wan.

July 26 0845 King - While circling on surface in estimated position three miles off Hitokappu Wan waiting for the fog to clear, the fog lifted to seaward and a good sized sampan was sighted ( Contact No. 7 ).

0945 King - Gave chase and destroyed with gunfire (Attack no. 5 ). Again were unable to set sampan on fire with machine gun fire. 6" fire also failed to set her on fire. After 8 rounds of 6" she was completely splintered and awash.

1015 King - During above attack sighted a small steam trawler ( Contact No. 8 ). After sampan was wrecked, took up pursuit of trawler. Had just settled on pursuit course when a destroyer was sighted to northward ( Contact No. 9 ) coming in at high speed distance about eight miles. It is assumed she was summoned to the area by distress signals heard while pursuing and attackiing sampan.

1018 King - Dived. Watched destroyer approach until she was about 7000 yards distant. Went to deep submergence rigged for depth charges and silent running. Destroyer did not ping and her screws were not heard. Estimated that she had stopped to listen. Remained silent clearing the area at slow speed.

1315 King - Came to periscope depth. Nothing was in sight. Escape tactics rather than attack on destroyer were employed due to the glassy sea, the fact that she had seen us submerge, the element of surprise was lacking, and we were leaving an oil slick.

Resumed patrol at periscope depth proceeding to reconnoiter Hitokappu Wan in case the fog along the coast lifted.

1612 King - Sound reported high speed screws 40 on the bow. A Japanese ship ( Contact No. 10 ) which resembled the minelayer SHI?USU passed about 5000 yards distant at high speed. The range was too great for attack. Visibility at the time was about 6000-7000 yards and the ship was not sighted approaching by the officer of the deck on his periodic periscope sweep. This was a disappointing incident but hunting in the fog leaves much to chance.

Fog did not clear along the coast all day and it was impossible to reconnoiter Hitokappu Wan visually.



Subject: USS NARWHAL - Report of Fourth War Patrol

. Decision was made to proceed to Moyorro Wan area during the night as there appeared to be nothing worthy of reconnaiscance along the southeast coast of Yotorofu between Hitokappu Wan and Moyorro Wan.
July 27 Dived at dawn in thick fog in Yotorofu Maikyo in position estimated by fathometer to be four miles off the entrance to Moyorro Wan. Patrolled submerged north-south line off Moyorro Wan all day, hoping for fog to clear sufficiently to make a land fall and reconnoiter Moyorro Wan. Fog continued dense all day. Visibility never more than 1000 yards.

Upon surfacing in the evening decision was made not to spend more time in reconnaissance of Yotorofu. The entire island had been circled. All bays on the northwest coast had been observed visually and although the southeast coast was continually fog bound a day each each had been spent off the only three bays from which there was probability of enemy naval forces operating. The lack of any patrolling activity off the entrances of these bays was considered evidence that no major enemy naval units were present.

July 28 Proceeding to Area ---. Reduced to one engine speed due to necessity of conserving fuel.

0900 King - Fog cleared in Latitude 43-55N, Longitude 148-32E. Remained on surface running southwestward all day about forty-five miles off the coast. No planes were sighted. Apparently the Japanese are not maintaining a systematic air patrol of this area.

July 29 As we were now only forty miles from the air fields at Nomuro decided to proceed submerged during daylight in order to reach area undetected.

0538 King - Sighted sampan ( Contact No. 11 ). Maneuvered to avoid disclosure of our presence.

1718 King - Sighted sampan ( Contact No. 12 ).

1914 King - Sighted sampan ( Contact No. 13 ).

2052 King - Sighted white light ( Contact No. 14 ).

2105 King - Sighted white light ( Contact No. 15 ).

July 30 0050 King - Sighted two white lights ( Contacts NO. 16 and 17 ).

0100 King - Entered Area --, believed undetected enroute, and proceeded southwestward along Erimo Saki - Attu Island line.

0335 King - Fog set in. Continued on surface after daylight.

0554 King - Fog appeared to be clearing.

1005 King - Fog actually cleared and ship's position was fixed by bearing on tangent of high land at Erimo Saki and mountain peaks along the coast. We were diredtly on the Erimo Saki - Kushiro line. This appeared an ideal position and patrol continued southwestward along this line.



Subject: USS NARWHAL - Report of Fourth War Patrol

. No contacts during the day. Surfaced south of Erimo Saki Light and proceeded along line from Erimo Saki to Tsugaru Kaikyo. During the night sighted five lighted sampans ( Contact No. 18 ) and maneuvered to avoid. Navigational lights and lights along the beach were burning.

July 31 1348 King - Sighted masts of two ships ( Contact No. 19 ). Closed to 3000 yards. Broke off attack due to decision not to disclose our presence for so small a target. Surfaced at nightfall and proceeded to Shiraya Saki area.
August 1 0412 King - Sighted darkened ship ( Contact No. 20 )and submerged about five miles east of Shiraya Saki Light. Ship was proceeding southward close inshore. Could not close.

0420 King - Sighted Steamer ( Contact No. 21 ) proceeding northward close inshore. Could not close.

0503 King - Sighted ship ( Contact No. 22 ). Made approach. Broke off attack when ship was made out to be small wooden hull motor vessel.

0550 King - Sighted steamer ( Contact No. 23 ). Made approach.

0626 King - Fired two torpedoes ( Attack No. 6). First torpedo exploded prematurely 12 seconds after firing. Target swung and avoided second torpedo and zigzagged radically thereafter. Considered firing more torpedoes useless. The premature explosion gave this ship a severe shock. This torpedo must have been partially armed before firing to explode so close. Estimated position of second torpedo is Latitude 41-24N, Longitude 141-28E. There is a possibility that this torpedo may have run up on the beach.

Continued the patrol at periscope depth to southward in steamer lane.

0740 King - Sighted small ship ( Contact No. 24 ) running southward close to coast, same type as ( Contact No. 22 ).

0819 King - Sighted ship ( Contact No. 25 ). Made approach.

0839 King - Fired two torpedoes ( Attack No. 7 ). Both hit. Ship stopped and commenced to list to port slowly.

0855 King - As it appeared there was possibility that she might not sink, fired a third torpedo. Hit amidships.

0859 King - Ship sank. Two life boat cleared. Estimated tonnage 6500. One minute after target ship sank an underwater explosion was heard. Morale of all hands was boosted remarkably by this success after the heart breaking experience of having the torpedo's premature explosion rob us of the rich prize on the earlier attack.

Continued patrol at perisscope depth to southward in steamer lane.



Subject: USS NARWHAL - Report of Fourth War Patrol

. 0930 King - Sighted steamer ( Contact No. 26 ). Made approach.

1008 King - Fired two torpedoes ( Attack No. 8 ). One hit. Immediately following the explosion, a second explosion was heard. This may have been an echo or there is the possibility that the second torpedo countermined. The firing interval was exactly 10 seconds.

1010 King - While observing the target for damage - three bombs or depth charges struck close aboard. Believe they were bombs from aircraft as nothing close aboard was sighted with a quick sweep of the periscope before going deep. When last observed the target vessel was enveloped in the smoke of the torpedo explosion and had commenced to settle by the stern. However, sound continued to hear her propeller and the best we can claim is a 4000 ton tanker damaged, probably sank.

Depth charging continued throughout the day.

2007 King - The last salvo of three charges were dropped. A total count of 124 charges was made by the officer of the deck. Some were close and some far away. The ship escaped damage except for two minor leaks, some paint chips knocked off and some superstructure rattles developed. It was a long trying day. Personnel withstood the strain very well.

2141 King - surfaced. All was clear to our great relief. Battery gravity was 1128. It was vital that we got on the surface to charge. NARWHAL had had her indotrination deph charging.

August 2 0112 King sighted two white lights ( Contact No. 27 ) Maneuvered to avoid.

At daylight submerged about fifty miles off the coast. Remained a deep submergence resting. All hands were completely tired after our three attacks on steamers and long depth charging ordeal of the day before.

August 3 Dived at daylight in fog on seaward edge of steamer lane off Kuji Wan. Proceeded to deep submergence to close the coast. When weather cleared patrolles at periscope depth.

1020 King - Sighted steamer ( Contact No. 28 ), Too small to warrent attack.

1150 King - sighted steamer ( Contact No. 29 ). Commenced approach.

1201 King - Heavy mist obscured the target. This was followed by heavy rain. Sound picked up false screws and approach was made on sound bearing. When the rain squall cleared the true target was sighted close aboard bearing down on us. Went to 80 feet. Screws passed overhead. Returned to periscope depth but target was too distant to waste a torpedo on a large track.



Subject: USS NARWHAL - Report of Fourth War Patrol

. 1350 King - Sighted one large and two small steamers, and one patrolling sampan ( Contact No. 30 ) proceeding in a group. Decided to attack the large freighter. On approach had to duck the sampan and one small freighter. Good attack position was attained. Had rigged ship for depth charge attack due to patrolling sampan. Delayed getting tubes ready for firing because of likelihood of depth charging. Due to an incorrect range estimate delayed too long and target got past before tubes could be gotten ready. Immediately thereafter patrolling sampan chased us to deep submergence and evasive maneuvers. No charges were dropped. Sea was glassy calm.

2105 King - Surfaced. Sighted white light of sampan ( Contact No. 31 ), maneuvered to avoid.

August 4 0214 King - Sighted white light of sampan ( Contact No. 32 ). Maneuvered to avoid.

1020 King - Sighted masts and stack of steamer hugging the coast ( Contact No. 33 ). Could not close.

1044 King - Sighted sampan ( Contact No. 34 ).

1235 King - Sighted sampan ( Contact No. 35 ).

1530 King - Sighted smoke over the horizon ( Contact No. 36 ). Made approach.

1632 King - Fired two torpedoes ( Attack No. 9 ). Results negative. Without any intention of making an alibi, the Commanding Officer sincerely believes that the negative results of this attack were due to failure of the torpedo warheads to explode. The torpedo run was about 800 yards. The target was steaming on a straight course conforming to the coast line. Speed data checked perfectly both by plot, Ford rangekeeper, and the overall time of target run from 9600 yard range to firing point. A Longitudinal spread was used modified in that the second torpedo was angled 3 with the target travel in order to insure more than a 10 second interval between torpedoes. The first torpedo was aimed at the foremast, the second at the mainmast. There is no accountable reason why both torpedoes should not have been hits. Both torpedoes were heard by sound to run hot and normal. Both the Q.C. and J.K. operators reported hearing what they believed to be the first torpedo hit the hull of the target without detonating, causiing thumping, scraping noises and "a big commotion in the water." It is believed that the second torpedo ran under the target without detonating. The first torpedo had one of the new 600 pound warheads on it. The location of the end of the run of those torpedoes is probably on the beach on the east coast of Honshu four miles south of the town of Yagi. The NARWHAL was only 4000 yards off the beach at firing and the torpedo courses were 245T and 242T respectively.

Upon surfacing that night decision was made to shift the scene of operations to the Erimo Saki - Kushiro Area.



Subject: USS NARWHAL - Report of Fourth War Patrol

August 5 0245 King - Sighted darkened ship on port bow close aboard ( Contact No. 37 ). We were silhouetted against the moonlight and detection on surface attack seemed certain. Dived for periscope attack. Ship was trimmed 30,000 pounds heavy, customary due to lack of negative tank. By the time the ship could be caught and brought back to periscope depth the target had gotten by.

On this night fuel ballest tank 4-D ran dry with a fuel loss of 6185 gallons. This loss had been feared after the air leaks in No. 8 air bank situated in this tank had been discovered after the gun engagements.

2304 King - Sighted Erimo Saki Light. The lights of five sampans were sighted ( Contact No. 38 ) and avoided while approaching Erimo Saki. Patrolled all day at periscope depth. No contacts. This is the second day this area has been patrolled with nothing sighted. Apparently there is but little traffic around this point.

Had intended to continue northward to the Kushiro area but due to the large oil loss, which restricts our movements, decision was made to return to the area off the east coast of Honshu.

2313 King - Sighted group of four white lights ( Contact No. 39 ). The area south of Erimo Saki is apparently a popular fishing ground.

August 7 2107 King - Sighted white light ( Contact No. 40 ).

2330 King - Sighted Shiriya Saki Light.

August 8 0030 King - After charge on main engine was secured, commenced search of steamer lanes southeast of Shiriya Saki to conduct night attacks.

oo45 King - Sighted steamer ( Contact No. 41 ). Gave chase but could noot close.

10104 King - Discontinued chase and continued cruising in steamer lanes without further contacts except with two lighted sampans ( Contact No. 42).

At Daylight submerged southeast of Shiriya Saki. Conducted periscope patrol.

0512 King - Sighted ( Contact No. 43 ) masts and stack of steamer to northward going north. Could not close.

0650 King - Sighted sailing sampan ( Contact No. 44 ).

0735 King - Sighted small steamer ( Contact No. 45 ). Could not close.

1038 King - Sighted masts of ship and commenced approach ( Contact No. 46 ).

1123 King - Fired two torpedoes ( Attack No. 10 ). One hit. Again the original explosion was almost instantly followed by the sound of a second explosion as on attack No. 8. It is



Subject: USS NARWHAL - Report of Fourth War Patrol

. believed this was definately an echo rather than countermining of the other torpedo.

1129 King - The target turned for the beach but settled rapidly by the stern and sank stern first. A large cloud of steam and smoke arose amidships as she was sinking. The position of the other torpedo at the end of its run is Latitude 41-19N Longitude 141-50E.

1118 King - While making above approach sighted a second steamer approaching from the southward. ( Contact No. 47 ). Immediately after first steamer sank, began approach on second steamer. When range was 7200 yards, steamer turned about and fled. She had been warned of our presnce probably by witnessing the sinking of the first ship. Cleared the area at deep submergence.

1800 King - Resumed periscope patrol.

2252 King - Sighted white light ( Contact No. 48 ).

August 9 0215 King - sighted white light ( Contact No. 49 ).

0405 King - The fog along the coast lifted and the lights of the city of Machinohe were sighted. The large navigational light at Same Kaku could not be picked up. A large flame as from a smaelter was torching at Hachinoke.

0540 King - Sighted small open sampan ( Contact No. 50 ). There were five men in it. Nothing about its appearance indicated it was engaged in patrolling.

0933 King - Sighted patrol vessel ( Contact No. 51 ). She was steaming northward parallel to coast about five mile to seaward.

1044 King - ( Contact No. 52 ) Sighted either the same patrol vessel returning or one of the same type steaming southward along the coast about one mile inshore of us. Went deep to permit hand operation planes and ran silent. It is estimated patrol vessel crossed astern about 3000 yards distant at 15 knots. She was not pinging. After her passage, resumed patrol at periscope depth.

1249 King - Sighted smoke of steamer proceeding southward close to the coast. Commenced approach. While still only masts and stack were in sight, fog closed in. Continued approach on normal approach course in hope of clearing weather or possibility of firing sound shot. Steamer was not heard or seen again.

Upon surfacing decision was made to proceed to patrol the Kushiro_Todo Saki steamer route during the night and submerged the next day.

2138 King - Sighted a white light ( Contact No. 54 ).



Subject: USS NARWHAL - Report of Fourth War Patrol

August 10 Patrolled Kushiro-Todo Saki and Koshiro-Tokyo routes. No contacts. Upon surfacing set course to close the coast in the Shiriya Saki area. However, star sights showed that ship had been set miles southeast of D.R. position. With available speed we could not reach intended patrol area next day. Decision was then made to conduct a surface patrol of the Kushiro routes during the night and next day.

2300 King - Sighted white light ( Contact No. 55 ).

August 11 0500 King - Sighted sampan on horizon ( Contact No. 56 ). Dived to escape detection. After sampan had passed out of sight surfaceds to continue patrol.

0930 King - Sighted aircraft ( Contact 3, paragraph 6 ) coming out of cloud background distant about two miles. Dived immediately. A ship was passing 48 feet, the first bomb hit close aboard with a loud sharp crack. No damage was done and ship was only slightly shaken. Went deep.

0947 King - Felt shock of one depth charge. No damage. Continued at deep submergence. No further depth charges heard. All clear upon surfacing that night. Proceeded Northwestward along Kushiro routes. Had no other alternative as fuel was now too low to permit choice of other areas.

August 12 At daylight dived for periscope patrol on Kushiro routes.

0600 King - Just after periscope had been lowered three depth charges struck fairly close aboard along starboard side one minute apart. No damage. Went deep. These charges were obviously dropped from an aircraft which we had not sighted during the periscope sweep. Continued at deep submergence.

1911 King - Three more depth charges were dropped. These were so far distant that the usual "Woosh-Woosh" was not heard followiing the explosions.

2131 King - Surfaced and all was clear. Proceeded to eastward heading homeward.

August 13 0100 King - Departed from area --, two days ahead of the date specified in our operation order. Fuel losses totalliing 10, 555 gallons had upset fuel calculations and made this early departure necessary.

August 14 Decision was made to run submerged this day during period when air search was most probable.

0628 King - Dived and proceeded at periscope depth.

0807 King - It became necessary to stop the starboard motor in order to adjust the starboard clutch shifting collar which was running hot. Went to 80 feet as depth control on one motor was uncertain at periscope depth.

0925 King - Repairs were completed and ship returned to periscope depth. On first periscope exposure three destroyers in column were sighted crossing our stern about 3000 yards distant and two destroyers in column were crossing the bow at about 4000 yards



Subject: USS NARWHAL - Report of Fourth War Patrol

. distant ( Contact No. 57 ). Sound watch was being stood by our most experienced operator but these ships had not been heard approaching. Went to battle stations submerged and got all tubes ready for firing. Rigged ship for deph charge attack and silent running. On next periscope observation a heavy cruiser of the TONE class was sighted about 6000 yards to northward. Commenced approach on cruiser.

On the next observation the destroyers were running all over the ocean and the cruiser had turned to put us on the quarter. One destroyer was headed toward us. Our first thought was that they were engaged in maneuvers as it did not seem possible that we had been detected. On next observation the destroyer heading toward us was still coming. Went deep. As we passed 110 feet the first depth charges went off close and aft. A series of five attacks were made during the period between 0936 King and 0958 King. Accurate count of charges dropped and their location could not be made. It is estimated that about thirty-three charges were dropped averaging a little more than six on each attack. The only damage was the breaking of the lens on the port upper side light. The unique feature of all the attacks was that screws of te attacking vessel could not be heard coming in. Between attacks the destroyers screws could be heard. Then would follow a short period of silence terminated by the exploding depth charges of the ensuing attack. These methods upset our evasion doctrine of turning radically and running fast when the attacking destroyer is heard to speed up. It would seem that the attacking destroyer must come in so slowly that his screws are not heard and project the depth charges by throwers well clear of the attacking ship on bearings obtained by listening.

After not hearing screws for a period of one hour returned to periscope depth. Nothing was in sight.

No echo ranging was heard at any time.

During the attacks torpedoes were prepared for circular runs both forward and aft but at no time did we have sufficient sound information to warrent firing them.

2220 King - sent contact report to Comsubpac.

Aug 15 - 21 Enroute Midway. Trip uneventful.



Subject: USS NARWHAL - Report of Fourth War Patrol

August 21 0453 Yoke - At prescribed rendezvous contacted one NAvy PBY, three scout bombers and Motor torpedo boat No. 29 from Midway. The motor torpedo boat and three scout bombers escorted NARWHAL to Midway entrance channel.

0754 Yoke - Entered Midway Lagoon and moored to USS Fulton. The Commander Submarine Squadron EIGHT and the officers of his staff, the Commanding Officer of the FULTON, and FULTON officers gave us a most cordial welcome and enthusiastically volunteered every service we required. From FULTON received 21,000 gallons of fuel, fresh provision, and confidential and secret matter necessary for remainder of patrol.

1140 Yoke - Got underway and departed Midway for Pearl. Upon leaving entrance NARWHAL was escorted by PYC 19 and three scout bombers.

1445 Yoke - Escorts returned to Midway.

Aug 22 - 26 Enroute Pearl. Uneventful. All planes sighted were friendly.
August 26 0555 Victor-William - Joined escort and proceeded to Pearl



Subject: USS NARWHAL - Report of Fourth War Patrol


    Pearl Harbor to Midway - Excellent.

    Midway to Yetorofu - Calm seas all the way. From Latitude 38-15N Longitude 167-05E there was continous fog and some light rain the rest of the trip.

    After passing through the Japan Current the air temperature and sea temperature dropped from an average of 79 to 75 to an average of 50 and 46 respectively. Fog was continous.

    At Yetorofu - Average air temperature 55; Average water temperature 47. Fog about 50% of the time on the northwest coast and the land was locked in fog on the southeast coast 100% of the time spent in the area. In the ONI publication "Strategic Harbors of the Pacific", the observer reported Yetorofu 26 days continuous fog and 6 days rain for the month of July. Our experience does not disagree materially with his observations.

    Weather was very unfavorable for aviation. No Japanese planes were sighted.

    Sea was calm the entire period.

    In area -- Fog about 15% of the time at sea. Land fogs and mists along the coast about 50% of the time. All except one day of the time spent close to the coast of Honshu the sea was a glassy calm with low ground swells. Periscope had to be handled with greatest care on approaches. Off Erimo Saki the sea was choppy and excellent for periscope approaches.

    Area -- to Midway - Fog for one day. Cler weather and calm seas rest of way.

    Midway to Pearl - Clear weather all the way. Calm seas first two days and the usual rough trade wind seas.

  2. TIDAL INFORMATION (If Abnormal):

    At Yotorofu, very little tidal information could be obtained due to impossibility of obtaing fixes in the fog.

    The only case of difference from the data on the chart and in the Coast Pilot was observed off the point of Chirripu Hant where the arrow on the chart shows a continuous set to the northwestward. The actual set encountered was about 125 True velocity 2 knots.t

    Off the northest coast of Honshu, the vector gets considerably


Subject: USS NARWHAL - Report of Fourth War Patrol


    colder at deeper depths. As a result it was necessary to flood in when going deep and pump out when returning to periscope depth.

    Off Brimo Saki, varying density conditions were encountered at periscope depth, the ship getting unexpectedly lighter or heavier making depth control difficult.

    Tidal currents off Honshu in general followed the charted information. Velocities seemed to vary considerably, probably due to tidal effect along the coast.

    Returning from area -- to Midway the Japan Current gave us a favorable set of 1 to 2 knots practically all the way.


    The bubble octant proved of real value for taking sights through the light overhead haze while running in low thick surface fog enroute to Yotorofu.

    Atoiya Misaka Light on the west side of Kunashiri Suido was passed 5.5 miles abeam and was not sighted. This light was either blacked out or more probably shrouded in land mist.

    During the reconnaissance of Yotorofu the fathometer was indispensable for navigation in the fog. A radar would have been of assistance in obtaining bearings on the many prominant mountain peaks.

    Erimo Saki, Horoizumi Ko, and Samani Ko Lights were burning with their charted characteristics during the night of 30-31 July.

    Shiriya Saki Light was burning on night of July 31-August 1 with charted characteristics except that it flashed evry 7 seconds instead of evry five seconds.

    Erimo SAki Light was burning with charted characteristics on nights of 5-6-7 August.

    Shiriya Saki light was burning on night of 7-8 August with charted characteristics.



Subject: USS NARWHAL - Report of Fourth War Patrol


    In early morning of August 9 Hachinoho Ko, Same Kahu Light could not be picked up while passing about seven miles to seaward. If it was burning, it had been dimmed to such an extent as not to be discernable against the background glow and lights of the city of Hachinohe.


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Subject: USS NARWHAL - Report of Fourth War Patrol





Subject: USS NARWHAL - Report of Fourth War Patrol





Subject: USS NARWHAL - Report of Fourth War Patrol




Subject: USS NARWHAL - Report of Fourth War Patrol




Subject: USS NARWHAL - Report of Fourth War Patrol





Subject: USS NARWHAL - Report of Fourth War Patrol

  1. RADIO RECEPTION (cont):




Subject: USS NARWHAL - Report of Fourth War Patrol



    At Midway outbound, transfered an electrician's mate third class with gonococcus infection urethra to Subron EIGHT. Comsubron EIGHT ordered a replacement to this ship.

    In general the health of the crew was excellent. There were no admissions to the sick list. The following complaints were made and number of treatments given as indicated:

    ComplaintNo. of CasesTreatments
    Fungus infection723
    Sore throat46
    Collulitis (mild)24
    Occlusion of large rt toe nail11
    Foreign body in eyes33
    Appendicitis suspect11


Subject: USS NARWHAL - Report of Fourth War Patrol



    12 in deck
    Fuel10,000 Gals
    (at Midway)
    Provisions40 days
    Fresh Water8500
    (at Midway)
    Personnel7 days





Subject: USS NARWHAL - Report of Fourth War Patrol