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USS Moray SS-300 - Afloat at Last
14 May 1944

USS Moray SS-300 Log

21 APR 1943Keel Laid by
Cramp Shipbuilding Company
Philadelphia, PA
14 MAY 1944Launched
Sponsored By Mrs. Styles Bridges
( wife of the New Hampshire Senator )
26 JAN 1945Commissioned with
Commander Frank L Barrows
Commanding Officer
31 JAN 1945Departed Philadelphia PA
Enroute New London CT
01 FEB 1945Arrived New London CT
Shakedown training in New London and off Newport RI
14 APR 1945Departed New London CT
Enroute Balboa, Panama, C.Z.
Cruising with Carp (SS-338) and Gillette (DE-681)
25 APR 1945Arrived Balboa, Panama, C.Z.
05 MAY 1945Departed Canal Zone
Enroute Pearl Harbor
21 MAY 1945Arrived Pearl Harbor
for Final Training
07 JUN 1945Departed Pearl Harbor
Enroute the Marianas
20 JUN 1945Arrived Saipan
27 JUN 1945Departed Saipan for First War Patrol
Moray is senior unit of a coordinated attack group including Sea Poacher (SS-406), Angler (SS-240), Cero (SS-225), Lapon (SS-260), and Carp (SS-338)
01 JUL 1945Arrived Patrol Area off Tokyo
Commander Barrows in Moray assigned stations for lifeguard duty
07 JUL 1945Moray begins special mission as picketboat southeast of Honshu in preparation for 3d Fleet bombardment
09 JUL 1945Moray returns to lifeguard duty
10 JUL 1945Moray and Kingfish (SS-234) attack a Japanese convoy off Kinkazan, Honshu
Allowing Kingfish to attack first, Moray then moved in to fire six torpedoes and pulled out to rearm. Kingfish went in for a second try as one of Moray's torpedoes hit a whaler and sank it. No other shipping was sighted.
16 JUL 1945Patrol shifted to the Kurile Islands
06 AUG 1945War Patrol completed at Midway
Awarded one Battle Star
[14 AUG 1945][Japan Capitulates]
01 SEP 1945Departed Midway
enroute San Francisco
[02 SEP 1945][Japan formally signs surrender decree]
11 SEP 1945Moray arrived San Francisco
for deactivation overhaul at Mare Island Navy Yard
12 APR 1946Decommissioned
xx JAN 1947Joined Pacific Reserve Fleet
01 DEC 1962Redesignated AGSS-300
01 APR 1967Struck from the Navy List
18 JUN 1970Sunk as a target off Southern California

This site is maintained by Harry Kholer, son of
Harry F Kholer, EM1c, Plankowner USS Moray SS-300.

Dad spoke often and well of the Moray.
This site is dedicated to him and to the crew.

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