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....Submarines of the United States Navy are named after fish of all varieties. The Moray is an eel belonging to the great barra-cuda family. It is found in the West Indies and the Central At-lantic, from Bermuda and Florida to Brazil. In size the Moray is about six inches high and two inches thick, growing to a length of over six feet and weighing more than thirty pounds.

....The Moray eel is one of the most vicious, cruelly ferocious nightmares of the ocean. His long, sharp, dirtly mottled teeth cause an infection very difficult to cure. A creature of the night, he hides in the blackest of shadows to grab some hapless foe swimming by in the moonlight. His tactics truly depict the fighting qualities of the U.S.S. MORAY.

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Roast Turkey
Baked Ham
Potato SaladMMMMMMMMMMMCole Slaw
Commissioning Cake


Buffet Supper. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7:00
Cut Commissioning Cake andMMMMMMMMM
MMGroup Pictures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9:00
Entertainment and Dancing . . . . . . . 9:30 to 12:00

Music by the Navy Yard Band
CMuM M.W. Walker, Leading

The Officers and Crew of the

U. S. S. Moray

cordially invite


to their Commissioning Party

Friday Evening, January the fifth


Moose Hall, 1314 North Broad Street

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Guest of ________________________________

Please present this card at the door

Officers and Crew of the
U.S.S. Moray

Commander F.L. Barrows, USN
Lt. Commander J.R. Zullinger, USN
Lieutenant R.F. Stroup, USNR
Lieutenant D.E. Finch, USN
Lieutenant R.E.M. Conwell, USN
Lieutenant(jg) R.K. Wyatt, USNR
Ensign L.A. Schlossman, USNR
Ensign H.E. Kerber, USN

Spurgeon Grove, CTM, Chief of the Boat

Berg, Andrew H CRM
Day, Joel V CMoMM
Harmon, Wilbert W CQM
Kramer, Fred CEM
Merson, Robert I CMoMM
Parsley, Dean R CPhM
Suzor, Bartley B CCS
Wajda, John C MoMM

Abbey, Bruce J F1c
Acker, Clarence F FC3c
Alley, Morris G MoMM2c
Altenthal, Lawrence O SC2c
Anderson, Archie A S1c
Andrews, David H F1c
Autry, Ezra L S1c
Baker, Robert E S1c
Bizub, Andrew R F1c
Bloemer, Eilardy J MoMM2c
Booth, Raymond C StM2c
Bowers, William E S1c
Burgett, John F GM3c
Burkett, Donald D SM1c
Borroughs, Burton L EM3c
Correll, Charles D F1c
Dickinson, Lawrence B RM1c
Dixon, Frank C MoMM2c
Downey, Elwin L Jr F1c
DuBord, Robert V EM2c
Forni, Joseph MoMM3c
Gantnier, John B EM2c
Guzman, Procopio, Jr TM3c
Hager, Raymaond K MoMM2c
Hahn, Joseph R S2c
Hall, Kenneth W SM3c
Houser, Ross E S2c
Hejl, John B S2c
Hickox, Paul D TM2c
Hill, James MoMM1c
Hughes, George J MoMM3c
Hyde, Henry A MoMM1c
Kaiser, Edward J S2c
Kholer, Harry F EM1c
Knapp, Donevan G S1c
Kropp, Calvin C EM2c
Lang, Sumner D MoMM1c
Lee, Roy G Jr MoMM1c
Letalien, Albert L EM3c
Lloyd, Raymond E Jr Y2c
Long, John M TM3c
MacDougall, James T TM3c
Merkel, William J F1c
Minder, Thomas L EM2c
Munsell, Wayne W S1c
O'Neal, Donald E F1c
Podwyszynski, Fred MoMM1c
Rautio, Arthur A RM3c
Riggins, James F TM2c
Robinson, Jerome C StM1c
Rowden, Billy G S1c
Schultz, Richard J MoMM3c
Segletes, Edwin A RM2c
Sherman, Morris R TM1c
Sintz, George W S1c
Smith, Harold J S1c
Smith, Warren A EM1c
Snyder, Donald J TM2c
Szerbiak, Robert TM1c
Tonneson, Bjarne K QM3c
Valentine, Parker T RT2c
Webb, LeRoy O TM3c
Westcott, Jesse F1c
Wiggins, Wendell N GM2c
Winscher, Robert W MoMM3c
Wysocki, Walter F S1c
Yocum, Edward C EM2c

This site is maintained by Harry Kholer, son of
Harry F Kholer, EM1c, Plankowner USS Moray SS-300.

Dad spoke often and well of the Moray.
This site is dedicated to him and to the crew.

Any corrections or additions may be submited to