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The History of the TWL

Most of the members of the TWL work at or have worked at That'sa Nice'a Pizza (above), a local pizza parlor in South County St. Louis (Tesson Ferry and Baptist Church). The business closes around 1 am on the weekends and about a year ago some of the employees decided to hang around after closing for a little wiffleball action. We developed sketchy rules and played a game which lasted about two hours. Since then, wiffleball on a Friday and sometimes Saturday night has become a tradition for the people associated with That'sa Nice'a Pizza.The games usually last between one and four in the morning which compels most of us to sleep very late on Saturday or Sunday morning. We have, over time, made more concrete rules to cover almost any circumstance which could occur. Our rules are very unrefined and abstract compared to other leagues in order to accomodate our unusual field (the parking lot), the darkness, and our desires not to run. The most difficult part of the game (besides the cops ) is trying to play in the dark. We feel, one has not experienced wiffleball truly until he has played in the dark. It is very tough to see the ball off of the bat but that is just one of the parts of the game which make it so fun. It is an art that the regular players have adapted and its lots of fun to see new players struggle in the darkness trying to catch a ball. There are a few lights from some local businesses and an intersection which provide for some limited visibility. We play in all temperatures but we do not play in rain or snow because we all decided unanimously that slipping on concrete would be very painful. We welcome all people who would like to play and often we are entertained by drunk people who happen to stumble over from Hessler's pub right across the street. So, if you live in the St. Louis area or are planning a trip, and you would like to witness some of the best wiffleball action in the nation, stop up and see us, just don't interrupt the game.